With Gratitude


Origins and Destinations is dedicated to Barbara Marino, my beloved elementary school art teacher - she taught me to seek unique beauty in all people. Thank you Barbara, I will never stop looking.

The Team

It was the brilliant expertise, creative input and generosity of these talented individuals that brought this project together. Thank you ALL

Photographic Lab: Associated Photo and Imaging, Miami

Interviewers: Francisco Sastre, Mark Menjivar & Allessandra Rosa

Interview Transcription: Julie Hall

Photoshop Advisors: Amberly Vigil & Matthew Wakem 

Videographer: Matthew Pendergrast

Copy Editors: Sue Soltis, Barbara Assadi

Layout: Aimee Bruckner

Text Lab: Dezign with a Z,San Francisco

Non-Profit Sponsor: 6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network

Thank you 

Origins and Destinations exists today because of the people who believe in the value of this project. Their generous contributions of time, energy and financial support have made this vision a reality. It is truly a collaboration of hearts and minds. Thank you all.

Contributors and Believers:

Arlene Wiltberger, Jane and Bill Jones, Jeffrey Vroom, Hailey, Josie and Craig Dillon, Cynthia, Jeff, Bonnie, Natalya and Finn Gneiser, Ralph Boethling, The LaCie Corporation, The Art Department at the Miami International Airport, Karen and George McCown, Kerttu and Coleman Campbell, David Drexel, Claire Mills and Tom Kenny, Zack Herlick, Dana and Heidi Stanley, Ernie McNabb, Summer Simonton, Bill Wright, Francisco Sastre, and Carl Pope, Matthew Pendergast, Matthew and Maria Wakem, Mark Menjivar, Elizabeth Shober, Chris Duderstadt, Kwame Jeffers, Bonnie and Laura Rattner, Jessica James, Stan and Genevieve Hom, Serge Huard, Ashely Oates, Ed Yarbrough, Janis DeLucia, Mikkel, Rebecca, Miranda and Ana Aaland, Brian Hemenway, Julia and Victor Vroom, Jim Berger, Catherine and Ed Heston, Cheryl Smith, Matt Price, Helen Vukasin, Rhoda Aguirre, David Casuto, Jack Medlevine, Krieger Conradt, Jeffrey Yee, Kyle Canepa, Diana Fahey, Karen and Ami Raz, Tara McDill, Rob Snook, Vance Kennedy, Clare Chorley, Robert Watts and Doug Clark, Ruth Dundas, Shannon Casey, Chris Krueger, Colleen and Derek Vroom, Janis DeLucia, Patricia Feltin, Jim Hirschfield, Joshua Freedman, Georgeann Shellenger, Margaret Alvarez, Dave Freed, Anabel Jenson, Sheri Willis, Lois Soule, David Wasserman, Jennifer James, Nancy Shober, Hugh and Mary Behm-Steinberg, Victoria Drake, Jessica Noach, Gary Krosin, Robert, Laura Ellen and Amy Muglia, Layli Shirani, Larry Evans, Rollin Crittendon, Marion and Art O’Malley, Kimowan Metchewais, Antje Thiessen, Luther McLain, Robert More, The Sandbox Studio, Ahmad Hassan, Kirsten Krueger, Gary Beckman, Sabrina Ferrand, Addison Brown, Kenan and Jaymie Malik, Six Seconds, Peggy Shultz, Victoria Bogdan, Russell Jong, Nonna Daron, Sue Soltis, Barbara Assadi, Allessandra Rosa, Cindy Alonso, Amberly Vigil, Gendry Sherer, Carolina Salazar, Michelle Charles, Aimee Bruckner, Linda English, Lainie Monsef, Sofia Kanavle, David Ventura, Genevieve Walker, Sigal Gerber, Ann Jastrab, Roger Minick, Jill Derickson, Guru Khalsa, Julie Flowerday, Stephen Louie, Jeannie Olson, Betty-Ann Sullivan, Kikelomo Adedeji, Laura Gilmore, Natalie and Zee Ferino, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Juliana and Rob Lutzi, Sagah Al-Kassab, Florent at Dezign with a Z, Donna Shillington, Laura Sunday, Jamie Kong, David Plush, Lori Solay, Kristin Neidlinger, George Mason, Nancy Kaplan-Dailey, Brad Climpson, Carlos Arrieta, Shawn Land, Kimberly Knowles, Eugene Alvaro, Lee O’Brian, Jeannie Jarnot, Kip and Maryilyn Baldwin, Judy Beebe, Carol Pendergast, John Wood, Ammiel Kamon, Ho Yan, David Harrison, Danesh Olesko, Slim, May Duong, Aspen Mays, Peter Weng, Ken Litwin, Camron Assadi, Angela Lee, Faye and Kevin at Apex Magnets, Ben Baum, Jim Campbell and Steve at Robert's Hardware. 

A very special thanks to all the travelers at the Miami International Airport who had the enthusiasm to jump in and participate.

Origins and Destinations will be on display at the Miami International Airport, gates D21, D24, D27 and D30, from September 2015 through February 2016.

All photographs © 2015 Laena Wilder 

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