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  1. Exhibition reaches teens in New Orleans

    30 Dec 2015
    It is SO exciting to see how these teenagers responded to the Origins and Destinations exhibition. Thank You Ashley Oates and the team at 6 seconds - the Emotional Intelligence Network, for taking this work to a new level with the students at the Isidore Newman school in New Orleans…

  2. Comment here

    06 Oct 2015
    This is a great place to share your response to any of the work on my website, I welcome your reactions, thoughts, and ideas. I also hope we can get a dialogue going about Origins and Destinations specifically. Thank you for taking a few minutes to contribute your thoughts to…

  3. Hanging Origins & Destinations - the backstory

    05 Oct 2015
    Getting started Day 1 - after sitting in 4 hours of traffic, my sister Cynthia and I finally make it to MIA, through security and out to the gates. Four years of planning finally coming together. The fun starts now. Here I am working with Gendry the Public Art &amp…

  4. Thank you Sandbox Studios - July 2015

    15 Sep 2015
    One of the many challenges of creating Origins and Destinations was working remotely - trying to imagine the gates of the Miami International Airport as I worked in San Francisco. When the curator asked me to make the whole show bigger - I was back to the square one for…

  5. Carl Pope & Montalvo Residency - June 2015

    11 Sep 2015
    Things are coming together and I am thrilled to share this update with you.  Yes - we have set a date for the Origins and Destinations exhibition to go up Sept 15-16th 2015. The other great news is that the curator wants it up for at least 6 months maybe…

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