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  1. Exhibition reaches teens in New Orleans

    2015-12-30 14:03:00 UTC
    It is SO exciting to see how these teenagers responded to the Origins and Destinations exhibition. Thank You Ashley Oates and the team at 6 seconds - the Emotional Intelligence Network, for taking this work to a new level with the students at the Isidore Newman school in New Orleans…

  2. Comment here

    2015-10-06 00:30:00 UTC
    This is a great place to share your response to any of the work on my website, I welcome your reactions, thoughts, and ideas. I also hope we can get a dialogue going about Origins and Destinations specifically. Thank you for taking a few minutes to contribute your thoughts to…

  3. Hanging Origins & Destinations - the backstory

    2015-10-05 23:22:00 UTC
    Getting started Day 1 - after sitting in 4 hours of traffic, my sister Cynthia and I finally make it to MIA, through security and out to the gates. Four years of planning finally coming together. The fun starts now. Here I am working with Gendry the Public Art &amp…

  4. Thank you Sandbox Studios - July 2015

    2015-09-15 17:27:00 UTC
    One of the many challenges of creating Origins and Destinations was working remotely - trying to imagine the gates of the Miami International Airport as I worked in San Francisco. When the curator asked me to make the whole show bigger - I was back to the square one for…

  5. Carl Pope & Montalvo Residency - June 2015

    2015-09-11 19:21:00 UTC
    Things are coming together and I am thrilled to share this update with you.  Yes - we have set a date for the Origins and Destinations exhibition to go up Sept 15-16th 2015. The other great news is that the curator wants it up for at least 6 months maybe…

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