Carl Pope & Montalvo Residency - June 2015

Things are coming together and I am thrilled to share this update with you. 

Yes - we have set a date for the Origins and Destinations exhibition to go up Sept 15-16th 2015. The other great news is that the curator wants it up for at least 6 months maybe more. And she wants everything bigger than I had planned. Either scale I will be pleased - and the show will be beautiful. There is SO MUCH work to be done in the next month and a half. I am overwhelmed and excited at the same time. I have attached some photos of the process over the past few months so you can take a look.  

In late May, Carl Pope invited me to use his studio while he was doing an Artist Residence at the amazing Montalvo Art Center in Saratoga. His generosity gave me the space I needed to make life size mock-ups of the show to consider scale and sizes and get the input of all the artist’s that were in residency there. Very valuable.

Carl is a wonderful friend and Artist. You can read more about him and Montalvo here: 

Here are some of the samples I made to do color, density, and material tests - and to make sure my computer screen and the lab’s printer are in sync. Thank the good Lord they are ! (which is just short of a miracle ; ) 

Here is Cindy my lab liaison and the head printer at Associated Photo Imaging in Miami picking up the samples before going to meet with the curator at the airport. Cindy and the team at AP imaging are amazing. I am truly blessed to be working with such a bright, energetic group of people. 

Here is Gendry, the Public Art & Community Outreach Coordinator at the Miami Airport - she is holding up one of the many mini mock-ups I brought. These small versions of the show are perfect for giving the curator an idea of the final look of the exhibit and I am also currently using them to make choices about size, order and image choices. They are to scale of the final show - but now everything may end up being bigger than what you are seeing here. (The white areas represent the windows which are 53 inches wide. ) My original vision was the make the largest portraits 49 inches tall x 35 wide. Now Yolanda the Curator is suggesting the largest size to be 59 inches tall x 43 wide.

Here is a shot of Yolanda and Gendry holding up a sample of the new larger size. Things are really coming together. : ) 

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