The Woman's March, San Francisco, California

On January 21st, 2017 I photographed and interviewed Women's March participants at the Civic Center in San Francisco. I was honored to witness and document their power and conviction. 

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"I am marching for my daughter, the sisterhood, and the future of humanity…" - Victoria

"My sign says 'Resistance' because I feel we are here to resist. California is here to resist any movement backwards on equality, on climate change, on human rights…"  - Jill

“I am marching for the people, for the freedom of the people, for my daughters, for the families, for the rights of the people."   

- Teri 

“I am marching for women’s rights and showing my son that being a feminist is a wonderful thing and you can’t forget that.” 

- Rachel

"I am marching for women who are able to say NO to sex they don't want to have. So it is their choice what they want to do with their body."  

- Darrius

"I am marching to step forward and do my part in addressing the wounds of my country. As I have been thinking about the values we hold most dear in this nation it is becoming increasingly clear there are people who have been left behind and not included in those values since the beginning of our nation's history. And that's really painful. 

So before we can come together and unify in any real way we have to address that. 

I recently learned that I'm distantly related to one of the signers of the Constitution which I guess technically makes me a Daughter of the American Revolution, which I didn't really know and I have some judgment about that because it's a very status focused group in my opinion. I wanted to riff on that and claim my part to atone for some of the harm that early colonists did to the people who already lived here. I think our history of the treatment of the Native American peoples of North America is really shameful. And it’s not that the people alive today are at fault or guilty but we are responsible for making it right so that is why I included the quote by Abrahm Heschel ‘Few are guilty but all are responsible.’ So I think it’s not about blaming anyone it's about really walking our talk and aligning our actions and how we treat each other with these values.” - Lucy

“I’m a woman. I’m a woman of color. And I’m a woman of Muslim background. So that’s triple whammy. I’ve never had to deal with this in my generation, but now I have to so… I have younger siblings and we’re teaching young people if you’re a bully you can still be the President of the United States. And that’s not what we should be teaching them.”  -Liza

"I am marching for women's rights and that they're not up for grabs and neither are we"    - Jenipher

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